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Orders and Quotes

How to modify an order
Orders can be modified provided they have not been processed. To make changes to an order, log in, select the cart you want to modify, go to checkout and make the necessary changes.

How to print an order
To print an order, log in as a customer, select the cart you would like to print, go to checkout and print it.

How to obtain tracking information
Tracking information and links to trace your order will be provided to you via e-mail after your order has been shipped.

Can I create a shopping cart without logging in?
Yes. When you login, the system will automatically transfer your cart and recalculate your prices.

Pricing & Availability
Our e-commerce engine dynamically displays real-time pricing and availability which changes periodically. If a price rises or the product becomes temporarily unavailable, we will alert you about the new price and display similar products for your selection. If the price drops, we will recalculate the price.

Company Verification
In the case of orders placed by companies, we verify the company' corporate registration by requesting proof of corporate registration. If a company cannot be verified, the order will be categorized as "Individual". 

Credit Card Fraud
Credit card fraud is a felony and we will aggressively prosecute anyone attempting to misuse a credit card number. We track transactions and use all reasonable means available to report persons attempting fraud. For your protection and for fraud detection purposes, we record and store the IP address each time you log onto our site. All suspicious transactions will be investigated and reported to credit card companies and the authorities. At our discretion, w
e will not accept a credit card order from a free, web-based, or e-mail forwarding service website, or any website that offers anonymity to the user.

Hotmail Registations requesting Credit Card Payment
If you register through a hotmail address, for your protection, and to prevent credit card fraud, we must first verify that you are the actual cardholder. You will need to send us a copy of the upper part of your credit card statement, showing your name, address and credit card acount number.  When we receive this, we can go ahead and process youur order but can only bill and ship to the cardholder's address as shown on the statement. We will only use the fax to verify your credit card information and then it will be destroyed.   

The miamiPC e-store is operated by Klatu Inc for the benefit of a select group of customers.  Klatu Inc. formed in 1999 to sell and export products and services to B2B, B2C and Channel customers throughout the Caribbean and Latin America. To accomplish this, we developed an e-commerce engine with extensive international commerce functionality. We called it eCom and it is a true international e-commerce solution. We've since shifted our focus towards marketing international e-commerce solutions.

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The miamiPC e-store is operated by BTI Computers Inc for the benefit of a select group of customers.  For any information or assistance, please e-mail us at


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