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How to modify an order
Orders can be modified provided they have not been processed. To make changes to an order, log in, select the cart you want to modify, go to checkout and make the necessary changes.

How to print an order
To print an order, log in as a customer, select the cart you would like to print, go to checkout and print it.

How to obtain tracking information
Tracking information and links to trace your order will be provided to you via e-mail after your order has been shipped.

Special Orders information
In our Special Orders section you may request products not found within our catalogs. If you know exactly which product(s) you want, enter the Quantity, Manufacturer and Model Name or Model Number. We will reply by e-mail with pricing and availability.

If you are not sure of the exact product you want, enter a quantity and provide us with your requirements in the description field. Please be as specific and descriptive as possible. If you have a preferred manufacturer, list the manufacturer's name in the manufacturer field.

The more defined you make your criteria, the easier it will be to provide you with prospective products from which to choose. We will confirm your enquiry and then reply, usually within 24 hours, with pricing, avialability and suggestions that meet your criteria. Try it. Click on "Special Orders" on our toolbar.

Can I create a shopping cart without logging in?
Yes. When you login, the system will automatically transfer your cart and recalculate your prices.

Ordering during vendor system maintenance.
Our vendors routinely go offline for 3 to 4 hours in the early hours of the morning to maintain their systems and inventory files. We continue to accept orders during these hours. As soon as the vendor comes back online, usually around 5:30am(ET), we will reconfirm your order. If any of the products prove unavailable, we'll contact you and and give you the opportunity to either cancel the entire order, add a replacement product, or back-order the missing product. If you choose to back-order the unavailable product, we will automatically notify you when it becomes available.